Live immersion two-day training for aspiring and experienced coaches.
from the founder of Exponential Coaching Federation
for the rapid new reality adaptation
the world has changed
And reality is revealing that life strategies we used to rely on no longer applicable
What to lean on when everything collapses?
How to support yourself?
Loved ones?
How to maintain clarity in chaos and uncertain times?
People no longer have time to spend years in therapy.
They utterly need those, who provide quick return to balance, transform and awaken to life...
...within one short conversation.
«DAY ZERO program»
This two day program offers personal guidance through my “Method of Reactive Transformation” (MRT), the only method in coaching that delivers results so quickly for you could:
  • manage your emotions
  • gain self-reliance
  • find your place of power
  • restore stability in a fragile, ever-changing world
  • create new life strategies
You`ll master the method and be able to trasfer the knowledge to your clients.
MRT makes it possible to literally awaken people to life in 45 minutes.
My certification coaching program students and graduates call it “alchemy” — it means helping yourself and others to hear the melody of a soul, despite what music surrounds you.
The Method of Reactive Transformation is based on the latest research in neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, biochemistry, and calculus.
And this is what all people and coaches will face (especially those who are trying to influence other people):

  1. The words of the coach will cause resistance in the client.
  2. Coaches themselves don't know what is the best future scenario for the client.
  3. Even if the future goal is clear, coaches have no idea how to bring there a person who is shackled by fear, sees no way out and no reason to keep moving. At this point, most coaches give up and say that “achieving goals is the client’s responsibility, not the coach’s.”
  4. If the client is stronger intellectually than the coach or has a better understanding of the topic, then the coach is immediately lost and the conversation doesn`t last longer than 10 minutes.
  5. If the coach does not cause a wow effect for the client during the first meeting, then most likely there won`t be a second session.
Any coaching is focused on achieving results in the present and future (if a specialist works with the past, this is no longer coaching, it`s therapy).
What is special in MRT and what does it offer?
You may want to influence your partner, child, colleague, subordinate or chief... To become an island of calm for them bringing it further into the world. The only thing is you don't know how.

If you are a regular coach, you may not give up facing these problems. But the fact is that the value of your activity suddenly is no longer a commodity. Your toolkit is aplicable only for a small group of people, and you know it...
The average person, facing these difficulties, simply gives up.
I offer a completely new approach to coaching
I created
The Method of Reactive Transformation, that radically changes client's life in all directions.
is based on mechanics being confirmed by research and tested on more than 20 thousand people.
My approach
result for a client
is specific, measurable, long-lasting. This is what highlights coaches who work applying Method of the Reactive Transformation.
How to work with emotionally unstable people and quickly put them in order.
How to maintain the balance, rely on yourself, become a support for loved ones and clients.
How to make it to the skill level where every word you say heals.
What will you learn in this two-day program?
What participants who have already mastered the MRT say
Received more than promised. More than I expected. Awareness of my value.

I almost stopped believing in my thoughts. The illusion of insufficiency has gone, self-esteem has increased. I don't think instead of people anymore. I felt the flow, learned to call it. There was clarity about the goal that I had dreamed of realizing.

After a long path, I found myself. I know what I want to be when I grow up

With complete clarity and understanding of what it is for me, I join Exponenta. I want to build my own coaching practice and create a project for women and men who dream of keeping their business and relationships in balance.
Ekaterina Molchanova
The decision to start studying in the MRT program came at a time when I suddenly felt that the current business was not enough for me. The baby-lion wanted to become a Lioness. I wanted to be more helpful to people, but I did not understand how. What should I think about, who should I be .

From the very first lessons, life began to change: relationships with loved ones, with children, with relatives, friends, colleagues, partners. During the training, I managed to find and train the main assistant in business. Now I'm ready for a new project of my dreams.

I became more calm, accepting, loving, understanding, observing my thoughts. I heard over a hundred stories, tears, resistances and reversals from the participants and realized how similar we all are inside.
Elena Chervaneva
The program divided my life into "before" and "after". This is not only in the sense of information and training, but first of all in a clear understanding that coaching is my path.
Julia Tsepkova
I have learned to listen to myself, to welcome my thoughts, to understand the structure of EMERALD and to apply it with clients.
Natalia Koltsova
The MRT divided my life into “before” and “after.” I was in the representation of a “small” myself. Now there is a clear image of myself “big”, and reality in the physical field instantly confirms this ...

I worked through the emotional pain. I got the answer that I have been looking for the last 10 years, asking monks, elders, gurudjis, priests: what is an open heart, and how do we close it ourselves and block ourselves?
Inna Smirnova
MRT is the door to a new stage of realization! I have become much more persistent and emotionally stable. I have become calmer about the imperfections of this world and people. I have become an adult.

Emotions can be controlled through the control of thoughts, and this is not a myth, but a reality accessible even to the most reactive-emotionally responsive person! And for this it is not necessary to meditate, it is enough to build an EMERALD.
Nadezhda Afonkina
Mikhail Saidov
About Me
  • Founder of Exponential Coaching Academy and Exponential Coaching Federation
  • Formulated the Method of Reactive Transformation
  • Author of "The Efficiency Diary" and the book "Life-Changing Conversations"
  • The York University graduate (Toronto, Canada)
  • Over 50,000 students
  • A coach of coaches, including million dollar business owners and academics
March 15 and 16, 2022
2 days
8 hours
6:00pm - 10:00pm
The training implementation
During the study you work personally with me and my coaches.
How to maintain clear focus and problem solving for any situation
Dive into the two day immersive training for MRT and discover
How your coaching can help people find a new reality
How to gain skills that have clients lining up
How to fast-track you clients with great results
How to see the world through the eye of an ‘alchemist’ and teach others how to use this fifth perspective
to see dozens of brilliant coaching sessions
you`ll be able
you`ll dive
into the blitz coaching mechanics
you`ll conduct
a few coaching sessions by yourself
you`ll work out
the most difficult skills in a coaching session
Pure Practice
8 hours of non-stop practice:
This program is in high demand. A hundred bookings were made in two weeks at a cost of $79, BUT:

We want coaches and aspiring coaches to get this training as soon as possible, so we will be reducing the price and you can receive these skills and training
The price of participation
What former participants are saying
There was a lot of new and exciting for me, you can really turn the webinar into quotes. But the most important thing for me personally was to hear from Mikhail that any weakness is balanced by strength.

Basing on the context of what was said, it was straight to the bullseye. And if you work with the way you think, willpower is needed no more. I needed to hear it! Thanks everyone involved for this magic.
Lubov Oleksiv
My shoulders straightened and my voice is gaining momentum! It clears up in my head. And I can see the top of the mountain!
Thanks Mikhail and the team for such a structural useful variety of information. For stories, for personalities, charisma, experience, sincerity, "vision through", beauty of words, people and moments.

I got closer to myself. I feel I am a friend to myself now.
Mariya Chetverova
Again and again WOW! Mikhail and the Academy! Everything was valuable! The feeling of calmness Mikhail gives is such an important thing. The depth of the truths he exposes in accessible and understandable way!

But the understanding and feeling of LOVE by Mikhail resonated especially strongly in me. His answer so merged with my personal experience that tears poured out of my eyes into uncontrolled stream. How great it is to know that there are such highly spiritual people who generously share their wisdom bringing this light to people.
Valentina Dychinska
I am overwhelmed with great gratitude to Michael and the magic team! You are the best and you are extraordinary!

Today I had a session, there were only 6 minutes of the Exponent program included, it was not so technologically advanced, more intuitive, but it was Wow!!! The client was beaming with joy! And it afected me evenwith more joy!

What will happen, if not 6 minutes, but a whole year of work with the mind of the client!!!
Irina Lapina
Thanks to Mikhail and his wonderful team for their knowledge, for their mission, for their value.

There were a lot of insights, a lot of things were sorted out.

It became clearer and calmer in my soul. I will listen to the radio in my head removing the interference and tuning in to the beautiful melody of the Soul.
Lada Pershina
Thanks for this webinar! The melody is possible only because of the silence around it - beautiful words!

If you work with the mindset, willpower is not needed.

Self-love is understanding and awareness of what I am doing, why and how in every moment! Thanks
Mariya Chetverova
If we don't reach the moon, we will see the stars still!!! When we are tense, we cannot broadcast our true nature. On a crossroad of life it is important to turn towards the wise mind, no other way.
Lubov Shishenina
I am grateful to Mikhail Saidov and the team for the opportunity to touch the mechanics, skills and to become infected with the mission of the Academy! I am impressed!
I really want to go deeper! Best regards and prosperity!
Svetlana Klimacheva
My feedback about yesterday.

I love the density of the coach's music term. I was so impressed with this idea and when I had the sessions today, I noticed how my intonation and presentation became similar to what your coaches do. And the main thing is how I felt inside. It's fabulous. For a second I relized that previously sometimes I could be a source of noise, not the silence where music is heard. It's just so deep, it's hard to find words to describe it. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Michael and the team. For skillto teach brilliantly to make the skill to be transferred with filigree accuracy.
This is just mind blowing!
Natalia Diadina
Thank you Michael and the team for the incredible transformation idea. The most important thing for me was the theoretical fundamental scientific explanation from the point of view of cognitive-behavioral therapy. The puzzle came together, there was clarity.

Especially I thank you for your faith and confidence, for your wisdom and music. I got the insight about the path of the master and money as a side effect of professionalism.
Mariba Sannikova
It was nice to allow myself to raise my hand in Zoom and get into work before they explain what is happening. It's a thrill to allow your personality to show up.

Shock: when a person tells me I'm pissing them off and it doesn't affect me at all. Previously I would be embarrassed and I would like to hide. But this time I got curiosity and interest instead. It`s gonna be an interting expirience to live until the end of the month with a thought from the future, where I study at the Exponent. I think I can find a solution to take part in the next stream.
Jenie Burstain
Mikhail, all the speakers, the team, thank you very much for giving us such an OPPORTUNITY to touch this knowledge, showing the path and leading to change. Thanks for every participant.

So much information I needed you gave right now. Yes, everything has its time and this time has come. I am huging you, you are awesome! I made it with you and got the skill through action and without restrictions. I set global goals for myself and let the space to catch up. Love you.
Ludmila Soluyanova
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