the Think Meta company
our Founder, Misha Saidov
An ambitious vision
that "helped people help people" and through a variety of methods (coaching, books, training), we are fanning the flames of this spreading like wildfire.
We believe
Think Meta was founded in 2018 by Misha Saidov with an ambitious vision: to help elevate the human experience for 1 billion people!
We care that our customers develop an effective thought process. In our work, we show people how and what they’ve been thinking about a particular goal.

We allow them to "see" their own thinking so that they can make decisions and take action from a conscious, informed state of mind.
Think Meta
Think Meta means
“to think about how you think.”
The name of the company also implies one of the main
goals of our practices:
to explore and find new, improved models of thinking that are able to transform ineffective behavior into proactive, desired behavior for our customers.
We evolve our thinking
and pass that evolution on to our clients in real time.
About Think Meta
  • are the largest coaching company in Europe
  • operate in 26 languages in 52 countries
  • have certified 377 Metacognitive Programming coaches
  • employ 75+ Certified Coaches
  • complete about 4000 individual coaching sessions/months, nearly 50000/year
  • facilitate over 5000 group coaching sessions a year
Meet Our Founder
Misha Saidov
  • Serial Entrepreneur / Master Coach Instructor / Psychotherapist
  • The author of "The Efficiency Journal" and "Conversations that change lives"
  • Formulated MCP (TM) - Metacognitive Programming
  • Founder of IMCP (Institute of Metacognitive Programming)
  • Graduate of the University of York (Toronto, Canada) and the Institute of Beck (Pensvlvania, USA)
  • MBA. MSc in Economics. MA in International Relations
  • Over 50,000 clients worldwide